Jan 2012 05

Happy New Year

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Saltwater is born of the belief that music, dance and drama are separate disciplines that can come together to make something greater. It seems all too often all we hear of is how the arts are unsupported or neglected in our community yet all around us are people who love the arts. Whether we are adults or children we have the desire to have our lives filled with music, dance and drama. For those of us fortunate enough to have been brought into the world of performing arts and who have had the privilege of being able to make a living pursuing this calling we are always looking forward to the future. We look forward to the chance to learn a new work; to stage a new performance; to meet a new audience. We look forward to collaborating with colleagues and creating new works & new ideas that will excite you and touch you in a meaningful way.

What we look forward to most of all though is the opportunity to welcome a new generation of performers. Not every child who walks on the stage will grow up to pursue a career in the performing arts but their life will be made richer by the experience and their eyes opened to the rich heritage our culture has of not only science, commerce or law but also music, dance and drama. It is for this reason that Saltwater, in addition to its core mission of bringing exciting new performances to the stage is deeply committed to educating young performers and giving them a chance to enjoy the rare opportunity we were given as emerging young artists.

In December, we offered Mummer’s Masque as a special Christmas treat as Toronto Composer Dean Burry’s vision of a traditional Newfoundland Christmas tradition with an operatic twist was brought alive. In this work we highlighted six fine young professional artists as well as a chorus of Victoria’s own from our Youth Training Program. In the coming months, we will be featuring CRUSH…..at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet followed by an evening of Sondheim – the dean of modern American musical theatre famed for his arch and clever commentary on the way we live  – and Seussical, a show inspired by the magical works of Dr. Seuss. We hope you will be there to enjoy these performances and support the arts.

Joanne Hounsell, Artistic Director