Feb 2012 28

I'm heels over head in love with CRUSH


CRUSH at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet

Phoebe Rumsey, Choreographer has been working her magic in rehearsals with fellow dancers Stacy Sanderson and Leigh Machnee. Last week she happily announced that the choreography was complete! In watching preliminary rehearsals for CRUSH,  I observed Phoebe’s innate sense of style & comedic flair shining through in every dance number. I marvelled at how the dance choreography immediately brings character and text to life through dance. And the dance element integrated with committed text and powerful vocals transformed something ordinary into something extraordinary. At Saltwater, we aspire to bring the creative arts together and are always eager to integrate poetry, music and dance to embellish, extend and enlarge existing emotions. We are excited to collaborate on programs like CRUSH and share them with the arts community in Victoria.